Property Insurance Claims

In both residential and commercial real estate, individuals and property owners purchase property insurance as a form of protection for events and issues that are out of their control. Once the purchase property insurance, they feel they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they should have funds available if their property suffers damage and/or structural problems caused by storms or other catastrophes.

However, there are cases when insurance benefits do not materialize due to fine print and loopholes found in the insurance coverage contract. This is quite common, especially because insurance companies are on the lookout for their own financial gain. Many people are victims of the insurance policy’s complex language that could be deceptive on purpose.

Nothing is more frustrating and time consuming than a claim denial, a delayed payment, or payment for less than what is owed. Florida Statute Section 624.604 states property insurance covers damage to all personal property of every kind and of every interest therein, whether on land, water, or in the air. If the insurance company does not live up to its end of the agreement, the policyholder has the right to challenge the decision.

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