South Florida Real Estate & Business Law


Zachary S. McWilliams, P.A., is a real estate/business law firm which also handles certain litigation matters. Our firm works to provide a unique approach to providing legal services. We constantly seek to create better, more efficient ways to provide high quality legal services while maintaining unparalleled communication with our clients. 

 We understand these transactions/cases can be confusing and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with timely responses to their questions. We respect the value of your investments, the complexity of your legal matters and the importance of results. We listen to our clients’ goals and guide them in each step of the process for their transaction/case. We work to understand your situation and your objective. For each matter, whether it involves litigation, real estate, or business, we work with our client to achieve the goal(s) they seek efficiently and effectively. 

About Zachary McWilliams

Zachary McWilliams, Esq. received his Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University, Bloomington. He then graduated from the prestigious University of Miami School of Law and, like so many others, decided to call South Florida home.